Digital Artists Group: Barta, Silberg, Stedman &d Van Winckel

Sept. 19 through Oct. 18

Last updated: 9/3/2014 8:08:38 AM

The Yavapai College Art Gallery presents the Digital Artists Group: Barta, Stedman, Silberg and Van Winckel. This diverse group of Digital Artists from Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Maryland is not to be missed.  
Les Barta takes us on a "metaphorical adventure" with his work, while Bill Stedman is concerned with representing “things unseen, but felt”. Nance Van Winckel brings her background of poetry and writing to a new level with “mini poems” that she ... Full Story »

District Governing Board September Meeting Report
Last updated: September 11, 2014

News staff development programs presented

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JCF 2014 Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
Last updated: September 2, 2014

Full tuition/fee scholarships 15 YC students

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